Apex TCS Fuel Card

Diesel fuel costs can take up a big portion of your trucking company's operating expenses. The Apex Fuel Card Program, with help from our fuel card partner TransConnect Services (TCS), is a comprehensive fuel card for trucking companies large and small. Providing the money-saving diesel fuel discounts you want and the fuel management tools needed to find the best fuel prices across the United States and Canada.

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Apex Fuel Card for truckers.

Save Money on Fuel

We pass 100% of our fuel discounts back to our clients resulting in better prices at the pump when compared to other fuel card companies. Our clients save an average of 47* cents per gallon on fuel. The savings add up even more with a $0 transaction fee when they fuel up at in-network locations.
*Average savings of 47-cents per gallon is based on actual in-network TCS client transactions for Q1 of 2024.

Fuel Up

The Apex Fuel Card is accepted at most truck stops, but with the Apex Fuel Finder, you can find the best discounts with our in-network truck stop discount partners throughout the United States and Canada at more than 2,000 truck stop locations.

Choose the Best Fuel Card

The Apex Fuel Card program runs on the robust and industry renowned TCS EFS and TCS Comdata platforms giving you the power to choose which program works best for your trucking company.