Apex Capital Corp (“Apex,” “us,” “we,” or “our”) is deeply committed to your right to privacy and takes your privacy seriously. We have prepared this Privacy Policy to describe our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information through our website(s). This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Services Agreement, or any other applicable agreements between you and Apex. Your use of this website signifies your agreement to our Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information

For you to access certain services that we offer through our website(s), we may require you to provide us with information that can identify you or a representative of your company as an individual (“Personally Identifiable Information”). Personally Identifiable Information includes, but is not limited to first and last name, physical street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address, and/or DOT number.

We collect both Personally Identifiable Information as well as other information from a variety of sources, including:

  • Directly from account applications, questionnaires and other materials submitted to us;
  • From transactions in which we and clients are involved;
  • From click stream activity on our website(s) (including the use of “cookies” and or “web beacons,” as discussed below);
  • From use of Apex mobile applications including username and/or passwords for such applications, IP addresses, mobile device numbers, and mobile device locations; and
  • From a variety of third-party sources.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

Information disclosed through your use of our website(s) may be used for our operations, such as identifying industry trends, to provide you with information regarding our services, or to provide you such services. Beyond communications required as part of our service to you, you will occasionally receive information from us on products, services, or special deals. We may also send you a newsletter via email or fax. If you no longer wish to receive our email newsletter or promotional email, fax, or Short Message Service text messages, you may indicate such wish by contacting us via email at marketing@apexcapitalcorp.com or by contacting us at 817-332-7300.

Cookie Policy

Effective Date: 13-May-2023
Last Updated: 13-May-2024

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Cookie Settings

You can change your cookie preferences any time by clicking the above button. This will let you revisit the cookie consent banner and change your preferences or withdraw your consent right away.

In addition to this, different browsers provide different methods to block and delete cookies used by websites. You can change the settings of your browser to block/delete the cookies. Listed below are the links to the support documents on how to manage and delete cookies from the major web browsers.

Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050

Safari: https://support.apple.com/en-in/guide/safari/sfri11471/mac

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/clear-cookies-and-site-data-firefox?redirectslug=delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored&redirectlocale=en-US

Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/how-to-delete-cookie-files-in-internet-explorer-bca9446f-d873-78de-77ba-d42645fa52fc

If you are using any other web browser, please visit your browser’s official support documents.

Disclosure of Information

There are some disclosures to third parties that we must make, such as disclosures necessary to effect, administer or enforce a requested transaction, to companies that perform services for us or to prevent fraud. Those disclosures may consist of the following:

  • Financial background information describing a person’s financial status;
  • Personally Identifiable Information, such as name, address and mobile device location data;
  • Transaction information, such as account activity, debit activity or credit activity; and
  • Other information relating to financial matters.

We may disclose any information we collect to:

  • Our affiliates, including our subsidiaries or our divisions, and their officers, directors, employees, accountants, attorneys, and agents;
  • Companies that process transactions or provide other services for us;
  • Financial institutions, such as banks; and
  • Government agencies.

Apex is located in the United States and its service providers may be located in the United States or elsewhere. Therefore, please be aware that your information may be transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or in other jurisdictions, and that the governments, government agencies, courts, or law enforcement agencies in those jurisdictions may be able to obtain disclosure of that information through those jurisdictions’ laws. By using our services, you understand and consent to your information being transferred to our affiliates and those third parties with whom Apex shares it as described in this Privacy Policy. In addition, under federal law we are permitted to disclose confidential information to certain recipients, such as credit reporting companies.

Employee, Vendor, and Contractor Access to Information

We limit access to confidential information to employees of ours who need it to fulfill their business responsibilities. Employees must adhere to our privacy policies. Employees violating these policies may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Vendors and other outside contractors we engage are subject to our contractual requirements to ensure that sensitive confidential information is safeguarded.

Use of Other Service Providers

At your request for certain services, we may require your use of Plaid Technologies, Inc. (“Plaid”) to view data from financial institutions. Upon your use of Plaid, you grant Apex and Plaid the right, power, and authority to act on your behalf to access and transmit your financial and personal information related to your business from the relevant financial institution. You agree to your financial and personal information related to your business being transferred, stored, and processed by Plaid in accordance with the Plaid Privacy Policy, which may be found here https://plaid.com/legal.

Aggregated Data and Data Analytics

"Aggregated Data" is information based on both Personally Identifiable Information, Anonymous Information, and other information provided to us which we may compile and analyze on an aggregate and anonymous basis. In an ongoing effort to better understand and serve you and/or our customers, we may use Aggregated Data in connection with research and development, creation of data and analytics tools, or in development of products or services, all in accordance with applicable law. We may also share Aggregated Data with government agencies, our affiliates, agents, and business partners or disclose it in order to describe our services to current and prospective business partners, and to other third parties for other lawful purposes. We own all right, title, and interest in Aggregated Data and in any information, products, services, or intellectual property arising from our use of it, and we may use, display, distribute, sell, and/or license any or all of the foregoing for any purposes we determine is legally permissible without any obligation to provide any form of compensation to the sources of the information.

We Use Appropriate Security Safeguards

Security is a priority at Apex. We employ appropriate measures to protect confidential information that you provide against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These may include, among others, encryption, physical access security and other appropriate technologies. We continually review and enhance our security systems, as necessary. We will have no liability however to you or to any third-party arising out of any loss, misuse, destruction, or alteration of confidential information.

We Maintain Procedures to Assure the Quality of Information

We also employ appropriate measures to assure the quality of information we collect. You may dispute or correct any erroneous or out-of-date information. You can correct factual errors in your Personally Identifiable Information by sending us a written request that credibly shows error. Call us at 817-332-7300 for details. We reserve the right to independently verify claims made. To protect your privacy and security, we also will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before making corrections. We reserve the right to assess a service charge for providing you with any information in connection with your request.

Our Website(s) Are Not Directed at Children Under the Age of 13

Our website(s) are not directed at children under the age of 13, and we do not collect or maintain information at our website(s) from those we actually know are under the age of 13.

Our Website(s) May Be Linked to Other Websites

We may create links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by websites that are linked from our website(s).

We Hold Ourselves Accountable to Our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy or for some reason believe we have not adhered to it, please contact us at 817-332-7300.

We reserve the right to amend or modify our Privacy Policy from time to time. We urge you to review this Privacy Policy whenever you visit our website(s) in order to obtain the most current version.